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Featured Mortgage Broker Question:

Why should I use a mortgage broker?
There are many reasons to use a Mortgage Broker, most notably the range of home loan products should have available. continue >>

Recent Mortgage Broker Questions:

I’ve been with the commonwealth bank for 28 years. Why would I go and see a mortgage broker?
? Banks seem to make a lot of effort to get new customers and sometimes forget good loyal customers like yourself. Sometimes they may even have better products that they haven’t offered you! continue >>

What is the difference between Aussie Home Loans, Rams and Mortgage Choice?
From a potential borrowers perspective there is very little difference. continue >>

Can you give me some tips on choosing a mortgage broker?
Most people underestimate the importance of getting help from a local mortgage broker. continue >>

How do I find a reputable mortgage broke?
Mortgage Broking regulations vary in each state however the Brokers that are accredited by the major Aggregation Groups such as Plan and AFG. continue >>

How much does mortgage broker get paid?
Mortgage Consultants get paid in many different ways in Australia. Some are employees working just for wages whilst some work just on a commission basis and some work on a combination of both. continue >>

What should I ask my broker when increasing my mortgage?
Using a broker gives you access to a total range of products from many different lenders that may be more suitable than the products available from your existing lender. continue >>

What does a mortgage broker do?
A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between a borrower and a lender. continue >>