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2009 interest rates: will home loan rates fall?
Home owners are now able to get a home loan with an interest rate nearly three per cent lower than they were in August continue >>

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What fees will I pay if I want to cancel my fixed interest rate loan?
There are two main fees that you may pay when canceling a fixed interest rate loan. continue >>

Should I fix my interest rate? And if so, for how long?
The decision to fix interest rates depends on your personal circumstances. continue >>

Are interest rates likely to rise or fall?
Over the term of a normal mortgage you can expect both upward and downward movement in interest rates. continue >>

What is the current home loan interest rate?
The answer is dependent on product and lender choice. continue >>

What is a home loan comparison rate?
A home loan comparison rate is a way comparing the total cost of one lenders loan products against another. continue >>

Can you tell me what the best home loan rate going in Australia?
continue >>

I’m looking for a Home Loan / Mortgage Loan in Australia with good rates.
In addition to the big four banks (Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac and ANZ) Australia has many other lenders, continue >>

How to calculate Home Loan interest?
Reference to your loan contract will determine how the lender will calculate and charge interest … continue >>