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What is lvr
LVR is a finance industry abbreviation for Loan to Value Ratio. continue >>

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Can Self Employed workers get a home loan?
Get finance for a property, even if you are self employed continue >>

What is a Bad Credit Mortgage?
Bad Credit home loans are designed for borrowers who have previous credit problems or who fail to meet to requirements for a standard home loan. continue >>

My lender has asked for a guarantor?
What your options are if in order to be approved for a home loan the lender has requested a guarantor continue >>

What is an interest only home loan?
For home owners buying a second home, or those wishing to purchase an investment property, continue >>

I Need A Construction Loan
Construction loans allow you to borrow funds for your project with small monthly repayments as the loan starts as interest only. continue >>

What is a construction loan?
A construction loan can offer many benefits to borrowers wishing to design and build their own home continue >>

What happens to my mortgage if my lender is sold or if they fold?
What happens to my mortgage if the lender folds? continue >>

Buying a second home for investment
Buying a second home to live in whilst retaining your existing home requires consideration from a number of perspectives. continue >>

Can I use my home loan to buy a new car?
Generally yes, as long as you have the equity, repayment capacity and a reasonable credit history a home loan may be increased to cover a motor vehicle purchase. continue >>

Can my superannuation take out a mortgage?
Changes have recently been made to the legislation or interpretation of legislation that controls Superannuation and under certain conditions. continue >>

Can I buy property with my superannuation?
Superannuation funds regularly invest in real estate as part of a balanced portfolio however I believe the question is relative to a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. continue >>

How to apply for a home loan to build a house?
Most of the major lenders will provide finance to enable construction of a home where the borrower enters into a fixed priced building contract and the loan is approved on a full doc (income verified) basis. continue >>

Am I too old to get a home loan?
With current discrimination laws, lenders cannot discriminate on a borrower’s upper age. continue >>

How old do I need to be to get a home loan?
If a borrower is less than eighteen they are not of contractual age and cannot enter into a contract that is binding on them. continue >>

How much equity can I use for a second home loan?
A lender will allow the equity in an existing home to be used as equity for another residential property purchase. continue >>

How is home loan interest calculated?
Reference to your loan contract will determine how the lender will calculate and charge interest, however in general terms most lenders will calculate the interest at the closing balance … continue >>

How does a home equity loan work?
A home equity loan is a product type that could also be described as a personal overdraft secured against the equity in residential property. continue >>

How do you get a mortgage?
The answer is both simple and complex. In simple terms give a broker a call and discuss your needs and position and you will be given advice on how to qualify. continue >>

Why is it important to pay off your home loan?
That is a personal choice. Some people find great satisfaction in paying off their loan, saving interest and creating a financially safe environment for themselves and family. continue >>

What is a third party mortgage?
A Third Party Mortgage is a document of security over an asset whereby one party being the owners of that asset pledges it as security for another party’s loan. continue >>

What is the best investment home loan?
The best investment home loan is the one that suits you best continue >>

What is a reverse mortgage?
A Reverse Mortgage (also known as equity release) is a loan product where borrowers can access the equity in their home without having to repay the debt until the property is sold. continue >>

What is mortgage equity withdrawal?
As defined in Wikipedia “In economics, mortgage equity withdrawal (MEW) is the decision of consumer … continue >>

What is mortgage cycling?
The Term Mortgage Cycling is attributable to an “E-Book written by Craig Romero. continue >>

What is home equity loan?
A home equity loan is a product type that could also be described as a personal overdraft secured against the equity in residential property. continue >>

What is a mortgage?
Technically a Mortgage is a legal document of security taken over an asset as surety for payment in terms of a contract (usually a loan). continue >>

What is a home equity loan?
A home equity loan is a product type that could also be described as a personal overdraft secured against the equity in residential property. continue >>

What is a home loan?
A home loan is a general term to describe many types of loan products provided for the purpose of purchasing, refinancing or drawing down against residential real estate. continue >>

What if your home loan provider goes bankrupt?
In Australia there is a strong market for the loan portfolios of lenders continue >>

What does a home equity loan consist of?
continue >>

What is the longest amount of time you can take out a loan?
Generally 30 years seems to be the longest term going around. continue >>