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Will it be more difficult to obtain an investment loan than a regular home loan?
Lenders criteria for investment home loans continue >>

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How Do I Choose a Mortgage Lender?
Although there are many different mortgage lenders available to you, it doesn’t need to be difficult to make the right choice. continue >>

My bank rejected my home loan application. What do I do now?
Finding out why is the first thing and then addressing those issues. It maybe affordability, equity, stability or credit history that has been assessed negatively by the lender. continue >>

How long does it take to get pre-approval?
Pre-approval should take a little less time than full approval because generally it is not possible to confirm property value in advance continue >>

What documentation will I need to apply for a home loan?
continue >>

How long will my home loan application take?
Each Lender takes different times to approve finance, often as a result of delays caused by volume pressure. continue >>

What is LVR and how is it calculated?
LVR is a finance industry abbreviation for Loan to Value Ratio and it is calculated by dividing the value of the property by the loan amount. continue >>

Should I go guarantor for my son’s home loan?
Many lenders now have specific guarantees and loan types to enable parents to help their family to obtain housing finance. continue >>

What is a guarantor on a loan?
Guarantees can be very dangerous documents as they are written by the lender to give them” all the power”. continue >>

What is mortgage or home loan offset?
Mortgage offset is an account offered by many lenders where the interest accrued is not paid to the deposit account but deducted or “offset” against the interest charged on a loan account. continue >>

How long do I have to be employed to get a home loan in Australia?
In general terms most lenders would like at least a year in employment, however they are often flexible depending upon circumstances. continue >>