First Home Owner Grant criteria

If two people are applying for a home loan together, and one partner already has a property, claiming the first home owner’s grant may not be possible, even if your finances are kept separate.

If one partner has had or presently has a property that they have lived in then that disqualifies you from eligibility for the grant irrespective of the structure of the loan or the nature of the tenancy of the intended property.

If your relationship is less than 2 years then there may be the ability to qualify the grant as long as your partner is not a joint owner.

For further confirmation, contact The Office of State Revenue in your State, who administer the FHOG scheme.

The best advice here is always that if you really want to purchase a particular property because it is right for you and you are able to afford it then still consider purchasing the property. If you wouldn’t consider buying the property other than just to take advantage of the FHOG then borrowing funds just to benefit from the First Home Owners Grant just doesn’t make sense.

If you wish to discuss finance options give us call on , and a local mortgage broker can explain more about the grant.