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Typical Refinance Fees
Typical fees and charges you will pay for refinancing continue >>

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What is a valuation fee?
This is a fee charged by lenders to cover the cost of valuing a property in order to determine that the security is sufficient to cover the debt position. continue >>

What fees will I pay if I want to cancel my fixed interest rate loan?
There are two main fees that you may pay when canceling a fixed interest rate loan. continue >>

Can I get a home loan with no on going fees?
Yes you can, most lenders offer a product without a monthly fee and some carry names such as base variable, lite or simplicity. continue >>

How much do fees ad to the typical cost of a mortgage?
This cannot be answered with too much accuracy as the range between lenders is widespread. continue >>

Do I have to pay stamp duty if I refinance my house?
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How much is stamp duty?
Stamp Duty on conveyance of property and on mortgages is different in each state and can even differ within a State based upon the scenario. For example first home buyers may receive stamp duty discounts. continue >>

What is Stamp Duty?
As it applies to real estate it is a state tax based upon the value of the property charged on the contract of sale. continue >>

What are mortgage release fees?
Firstly there is the Government costs of discharging the mortgage and then the lenders legal costs in preparation of that documentation. continue >>